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How to Fix Canon Pixma iP2770/iP2772 error 5B00

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Canon Pixma iP2770/iP2772 error code 5B00 mean the waste ink counter reset (yellow and orange light, flashing alternately 7 times).

Solution for this problem is reset printer.
How to reset Canon Pixma iP2770/iP2772 eror 5B00, follow instruction bellow;
1. Turn off printer
2. Press and hold RESET button
3. Press and hold POWER button.
4. Released RESET button, POWER still pressed
5. Press and released RESET button 5 times
6. Released POWER button Now, printer on SERVICE MODE condition. In this condition, computer detect found new hardware.
7. When computer detect FOUND NEW HARDWARE, wait about 20 seconds and press CANCEL
8. Open software resetter Canon Pixma iP2770/iP2772 - download Re-setter Canon iP2770/iP2772
9. Set Destination - Region : select region - SET - OK
10. Load paper = 1 sheet
11. Clear Ink Counter - SET - OK Wait, the printer will print D=000.0
 12. Ink Absorber Counter - SET - OK
13. Reset iP2770 is done, now turn off printer.
14. Turn on printer and try to print
15. When try to print, show up error message "The following ink may have run out", press and hold RESET button 7 seconds, then released them.
16. Finish


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